"Man you should be giving mechanics lessons to all the enthusiasts out there (and here)... and being online it would give you
an amazing profit"
"Great video, I for one appreciate your taking the time to help fellow "Mustang Lover's" out. Very helpful..........Thanks, Chris"
Hi Chris-long time viewer first time poster. I NEVER post stuff online (anti social media guy!) but you have helped me out a
ton on both our family project mustangs-first our 66 coupe and now our 65 vert.
Awesome!! Thanks Chris! Beautiful work as usual, I always know my car is in great hands with Mustang Restorations. I have
Jims Towing delivering the car to my house at 5pm tmw. So I would expect them at your shop around 3-ish. By the way, your
videos are a very great source of information, keep it up. It's what sets you apart from the pack. Talk soon.. Brendan
My name is Stephen mallia, and I come from the country of Malta in Europe. I can’t tell you how much I admire you, I
learn from you very much no wonder they call you the Doc. You are really a mustang doctor, God bless, Regards, Steve
My name is Jordan Schmidt, I am 22 years old with an affinity for classic Mustangs & vintage aircraft. I am a fan of your
YouTube videos, having shown them many times to my parents. You do a service to us all. I would highly appreciate your
opinion on a few questions I have. Thank you so much. Jordan Schmidt
Perfect, i don't want to mess this up either. And sure I i think I watched that video like 5 times. Doc, It has been really
helpful having someone like you giving us amateurs something to attain knowledge from. Thank you very much, I'll
contact you when in need of advice.  Have a nice day.  Miquel
Thank you very much and your videos help tons... Sergio
Hi Chris! She's home!!!!! Everything went very smoothly this morning with
the drop off (Matt was great and passed along the message about the ignition
switch). Paul and I were even able to take her for a spin—TOP DOWN—up
Michigan Ave and down Lake Shore Drive this morning with the gorgeous
weather. Rides like a dream (SO much fun to drive), and if the weather stays
like this much longer, we're definitely going to take her out again soon. It's
our turn to send some pics (attached)  :-)! Thank you so much for all of your
help with absolutely everything: from the drop-off a few months ago to the
beautiful restoration and clean-up (inside and out) as well as the flatbed
delivery today. It's been wonderful working with you, and we look forward to
more help with the exterior in the future!!
My Dad would be very happy!

Very best wishes, Mendy, Paul, and Mhairi
You're the Original Mustang Medic!! Restoring and Saving one Mustang at a time - Doug
Doc stands behind his work and is dedicated too... - Don
Adjust the Gas / Idle Mixture Screws on Your Edelbrock Carburetor
Thank you! That was simple and straightforward! - Christopher
The car is back safe and sound. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I received the new center cap today so
I'm ready to detail for cruise/car show season. How much do I need to send you for the running horse emblem?
Again I am very happy with the car and pleased that I choose your shop to do the work. - Don
My name is Hank and I’m interested in one of the classic Mustangs for sale at Volo cars. I’m out of the area and thought
I’d ask you for your opinion on how I go about evaluating and potentially purchasing this car. Before I book some travel
plans, I thought you would definitely be worth contacting. I saw your name of their website as a third party inspector.

If this is something you could help me with, I’d really appreciate hearing how you could help. I’m 48 years old and I’ve
always dreamed about owning a classic Mustang.. as a kid I had a neighborhood friend whose Dad had a 67 convertible..
it was a real beauty and I remember driving in it with the top down in the summer months.. He’s deceased and actually my
friend is as well so I’m at a point in my life where it’s time to start living the dream. Hope you can help!

Look forward to hearing from you. BTW, Awesome website and business you have there.

Hank R
Hey Chris.
Just wanted to thank you for always being there when I need help. I have spent my entire 47 years
in the automotive business from sales at a Ford dealer to General manager at a Chevrolet dealer but
have never met anyone who took the time to help someone like you do. What a great example to
your employees. Sincere thanks for all your help... Frank.
Just wanted to let you know that the car looks & works great. I also wanted to thank you for
your great craftsmanship. I have said it before & will say it again...You guys are not afraid to
tackle any job or challenge & that is a valuable commodity. There are not a lot of shops out
there that are willing to make a project work. In fact.. Other then your shop. I cant think of
another at all. And I have been doing this for quite a long time too.I just wanted to convey a
special thanks to you & your entire crew. Thanks again.. Pete