I bought this car after its use in the
2004 movie.It was owned By George
Barris and stiil had the "Barris Custom"
badges on it. The car had been sitting
on display at the Volo auto museum. It
was by no means show quality by the
time I got to it.  We completely
dissmantaled the car pulling the body
off the frame and contiuing the Starksy
and Hutch paint sceem under the car.
We dropped in a Stroker 393 and a
Tremic 5-speed. I also made the hood
open reverse style as to more show off
the engine compartment. My twin boys
were with me many a sundays taking
things apart and detailing as they went
back together. There is a complete
story of this car on the website
devoted to the Starsky torinos.
This is the stunt car from the 2004        
movie Taxi. It had been used and          
abused. This is our next undertaken.
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