Years ago, when I was at a classic car show, I was walking around admiring the beautiful cars when my eye caught the open door of a 1957 T-bird.  It
looked brand new.  The latch had no overspray, the hinge bolts were as silver as new, the I.D. tag looking as if it were put there the day before.  It was at
that point I realized it's fairly easy to make a car shiny and new on the outside, but it was the detail that really counted!  When I opened my own shop, I
made sure that attention to detail was something that we constantly strive to improve upon, to make it  better than the factory.  Unlike most "Body shops",
our complete paint jobs don't have any mask and remask lines where the outer body was painted at a different time as the door jams. That process is
something that shouldn't  be done if you want that "catch my eye" kind of look.  Just walk up to any of our customers and ask them how they feel about
their restoration.  The same goes for minor and collision repairs.  This  philosophy spills over into everything we do. It's easy to perform the task from a
functional stand point, but I feel it should also be pleasing to the eye.  This is why 99% of the time, our paint will get, "Best of Show".