Cody Ingrassia
Cody is the Docs #4 son & the twin of Preston. He has a business degree
with a good head on his shoulders & can pretty much tackle any project
thrown at him.
Speaks well to the customers & is always available to give advice to the
guy in his garage at home trying to get past a restoration issue.
Watch for frequent updates on the projects Cody is working on.
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Before Cody
Oh my god. What did I get myself into here... lol
After Cody
Ok. That was'nt that bad... lol
Cody also is very heavily into the
4X4 mod trend as seen here by a
few of his personal monster trucks.
Many, many awards won at major shows
across the country for his quality work &
attention to detail.
Cody's upholstery work
is second to none
Cody also is a wiz at electrical.
Nothing intimidate's him.