Chris "The Doc" Ingrassia
Over the past 40 years I have enjoyed being able to do what I love - making other people happy by
restoring their classic car's, specializing in the Ford Mustangs. In the process I have built a
reputation for myself as The Doctor of Restoration ("the Doc"), made a lot of friends and have built
up my firm into the largest Mustang Restoration Shop in the country. I have produced over 300
HowTo video's & an online show called "Operation Mustangs & More". My staff & I are always
available to take a phone call to discuss an issue you may be having with your classic. We have
dozens of great Mustangs and classic's here in different stages of restoration & completion. I also
am lucky to have made this into a family business employing 3 of my sons. Its just a fun place to be
and I thank God every day that I have been blessed to be able to do exactly what I love
With my sons Chris Jr. Preston & Cody
My shop in the mid 80s, early 90s