Chris Ingrassia Jr...
The Docs #1 son, brother to Preston & Cody has been in the shop since he could barely walk. Mustangs are in his blood &
he has the knack to tackle any task put in front of him. From a simple Power brake conversion job to a full floor pan
replacement & the knowledge of the newer electronics's that drive the current generation Mustangs of today.. Put a problem
in front of Chris & he will come back to you with a solution.
As a small kid, fixin his Mustang pedal car.
Welding quarter panels into place as a teen ager.
Part of the team in front of the Ford World Head Quarters in Dearborn
& the Musclecar nationals..
Chris Jr.
The Doc.
Fully detailed undercarriage.
Preparing a Fox body Mustang for a full floor replacement.